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Hi, I’m Danni Divina

Psychic Medium and Energy Worker

With an inspired and aligned heart and spirit, anything is possible. I combine my years as a certified Coach along with unique spirit skills techniques to build a meditation practice that suits you. Get in touch to see how I can help you.

About Me

I'm Danni, founder and creative behind Goddess in my Temple. I'm a psychic medium and energy healer helping you reconnect to your divine spark, so you can glow from the inside out.

I'm an artistic, passionate and forever dreamy Pisces. A Latina, born into a family of mixed ancestry which is predominantly comprised of Native Mesoamerican and Spaniard.

One of my greatest influences was my Ama, my paternal grandmother, a closet psychic who would secretly do kitchen table readings, for me and a select few of my cousins using a standard deck of poker cards. A gift she kept quietly tucked away from judgmental eyes. It was at her kitchen table that my mind opened up to new possibilities and an insatiable curiosity was born.

In 2013 I began taking the developmental steps on my spiritual path. Becoming a Certified Wellness and Life Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. It was here that I explored many different holistic healing modalities. Honing in on my personal interest and love for progressive spiritual healing, my focus became energy work and subsequently I began to explore my own gifts.

In 2017 I found my way into the Holistic Healthcare industry, where I worked as an office manager and doctors aid. It is here that my unique skillset began to really flourish.  

I intuitively began picking up on patient information. I also channeled our long distance patient's essence and energy for my doctors so they could obtain further insight and information that was relevant to patient care.

It was this experience that helped put all the pieces of my assorted journey together.  

Despite all the missteps and detours in my life, all roads eventually lead me home. Back to my heritage and ancestry.  

With Spiritual gifts running through my lineage, it is an honor for me to carry this torch forward on behalf of my ancestors.

For those who couldn't or wouldn't for fear of judgement and persecution.

I'm a self proclaimed "Queen of Hearts", my main magick deals with nurturing our hearts and emotional body by energetically clearing out stagnant or stuck energy. Releasing the grip that residual trapped negative emotions have on us. 


​My work is holistic in nature and multidimensional because we are multidimensional beings. Complex creatures with a lifetime of accumulated unique experiences, perspectives, and baggage.  

My mission and passion in life is to help you return to you. To help you remember. To help guide you as you navigate through the ocean of unlearning, and reclaiming. 

Releasing your own and inherited ancestral pain and energy patterns. Cultivating your innate self intelligence to drive yourself forward using your own inner wisdom.

I am here to help you reconnect to your own unique spark. Your inner divine self that was created with its own magick to share with the world. 

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