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All the flowers of tomorrow
are in the seeds of today

My Services

Please Read Before Booking

There are no refunds for cancellations or no shows. 10 minutes late to a reading is considered a no show and the reading will cease at this time. Please consider carefully the date and time you’d like to reserve before booking. A confirmation and reminder email will be sent to the email provided 72 hours before your appointment. It will include the zoom link and password. If you need to reschedule make sure its 42 hours or more before your appointment. You may use your confirmation email to reschedule.  A lot of energetic preparation is made for each appointment so please be mindful of time so we can give you the most out of your personalized session.


15 Minute Discovery Call 


Remote meeting via Zoom. In this complimentary 15 minute call we discuss what you can expect from our work together, and which service would be the best fit for your needs.


45 min Life Reading


45 minute psychic session, focusing on one or more areas of your life (time allowing). Clarifying and insightful. Via Zoom.


90 min Psychic Soul Coaching


Remote psychic soul coaching session via Zoom. Healing, evolutionary and empowering. During this one on one coaching call you receive everything included in a psychic session and more. Together with Spirit we dive deep into your energy. We open space for your heart and soul to gain deeper clarity, healing and empowerment. Each 90 minute coaching call is followed by a 30 minute distance energy healing session.

I have so much gratitude for Dannielle - her positive, kind and enchanting aura - along with the opportunity to experience and receive her energy healing work. She picked up on traumatic experiences that were both specific to age of occurrence and the emotional characteristic. I had never disclosed any of that information to her!! She also  picked up on emotional traits which were inherited from previous generations. Dannielle's work grated me an enhanced sense of connection to each member of my family tree along with forgiveness, understanding and compassion - for them, my parents, and myself. Experiencing the energetic shifts in real time from Texas to California and integrating them into my inner world has been nothing short of magical.

Olivia De Guzman

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