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The Keeper | Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 2020

The Keeper

I'm breaking the binds and shaking the tree

Removing what's not mine, and not meant for me

Exploring the darkness surrounding my roots

Nursing the illness to yield sweeter fruit

Casting off shackles that keep me in place

Releasing the guilt and shame off my face

Disrupting the patterns of generational pain

Dispelling beliefs that have kept me restrained

I honor my ancestors - their paths lead to me

This echo of love will set our hearts free

Forgiven, redeemed, holding space for their plight

This choice to create my own way is my right

The winds of change blow through my leaves

Stoking the fire that burns within me

New waters, they fall, raining down from the sky

Flowing, they nourish a soil once dry

This storm, though chaotic, and uncertain at times

Brings new order to find once it's darkness subsides

Owning my part - I stand in my power

The past will not choose who I am in this hour

Roots they run deep, but my love runs deeper

This Earth is my home, and I am it's keeper

© Dannielle Burciaga, Goddess In My Temple 2020

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