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What is a Goddess?

A Goddess is a woman in her power. 

She walks with confidence in herself and in her capabilities.

She is in tune with her body, mind, heart and spirit. 

She knows her worth because she's met herself.. over, and over, and over.

She embraces her essence and all its uniqueness.

Loving every curve and every edge because she knows the deep power of her vessel. 

She is a powerful creatrix.

Giving life to her dreams and ideas - birthing them into physical existence. 

Her heart follows the undeniable pull of her great spirit...

Letting the spark of her intuition move her: wild and untamed.

She ebbs and flows like the ocean, with many deep mysteries hidden in her depths.

She moves through cycles like the moon, embracing every phase and flavor. Knowing she does not have to be full to shine bright and that some days its okay to not shine at all. She knows that there is beauty to be discovered in her darkness. 

A Goddess is a woman in her power, aligned with the truest parts of her.

A Goddess is who you were born to be, who you have been and always will be.

A Goddess is you. 

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